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Santa Cruz County Celebrates Multilingual Students
As part of its promotion of multilingualism as an asset both for individuals and for our community as a whole,
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Over 170 Students Recognized as Language Ambassadors
Language Ambassadors by the Numbers 1st year of program 2 student recognition ceremonies: Watsonville and Santa Cruz 3 districts: Live
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International Jazz Week in Santa Cruz County Schools
This year, Prince H. Lawsha, percussionist and singer, performed for several of our county’s schools along with renowned musicians including
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A Driven Life
Auto Shop Teacher Retires After 47-year Career When Bill Sunderland started teaching in 1970, he planned on doing it for
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Together for Kindergarten
Movement is one of the most powerful and natural forms of discovery, learning and self-expression. Telling an audience of 150
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An Introduction to the CREEC Network: An Environmental Resource for Educators
Science is central to how we understand and make sense of the world around us. Could it be that the
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