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Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

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Mark Hodges
Mark Hodges
Senior Director,
Regional Occupational Program

Jim Howes
Jim Howes
Assistant Director,
Regional Occupational Program
(831) 254-0695

Michele Cuartilon
Department Office Coordinator,
Regional Occupational Program

Main phone #: (831) 466-5760
Fax: (831) 466-5769

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Student & Personnel Services: Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

ROP Success Stories - Part II

Watsonville High School ROP Video Production Class Contributes to an Exciting Community Project

Tami speaks to ROP Video Production class

Tami Stolzenthaler from the city of Watsonville talking to ROP students about water conservation practices.

Dale Poor's Video Production students at Watsonville High School are working on an exciting community project involving climate.

The Regeneration/Rereneracion project is a climate justice organization in the Pajaro Valley started by residents concerned with the effects of climate change in our area. The Video Academy Seniors in Video Production are creating short documentaries, PSA's and commercials (in English and Spanish) to bring this effort to our community. Each group has been assigned a Industry mentor that has expertise in various areas concerning climate change. The topics range from how climate change affects our local field-workers to the Watsonville Wetlands Climate Change Adaptation Project. The resulting short films and PSA's will be viewed at various venues throughout SC County with some of the videos airing at the Watsonville Film Festival.

ROP Bicycle Technology Tours Ibis Bicycle Plant

ROP students in front of Ibis Bicycles

Soquel High School Students from ROP Bicycle Technology toured the Ibis bicycle plant in Santa Cruz. Students were able to see how Ibis imports their frames, test the product, build the bikes and ship them locally and throughout the world.

This offered students an insight into the cycling industry and exposure to the many careers available at Ibis including sales, assembly, engineering, CAD and Graphics.

Ibis staffs around 20 employees, and has grown from a small start-up of five.

Great tour!

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