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Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

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Mark Hodges
Mark Hodges
Senior Director,
Regional Occupational Program

Jim Howes
Jim Howes
Assistant Director,
Regional Occupational Program
(831) 254-0695

Michele Cuartilon
Department Office Coordinator,
Regional Occupational Program

Main phone #: (831) 466-5760
Fax: (831) 466-5769

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Student & Personnel Services: Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

An Educational Journey by Debbie Reynon

Debbie Reynon is the Adult Dental Assisting Program Coordinator. She has also been the Dental Assisting Instructor with the Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program for 20 years. Debbie is a dedicated and tireless worker who built the D.A. program from the ground up.

ROP Dental Assisting Instructor, Debbie Reynon instructingFour and half years ago, I embarked on an educational journey to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Career and Technical Education. On August 28, 2016, I received my confirmation date from Sacramento State University in earning my degree Summa Cum Laude. I can honestly say that I'm relieved to be finished, no longer studying well into the night, early mornings, and giving up many weekends over the past four years! It was truly worth it!

When I graduated from North Salinas High School in 1974, I continued my education by earning my Associate of Arts Degree in Business at Hartnell College, and continued on my career path by earning my Associate of Science Degree in Dental Sciences at Monterey Peninsula College in 1977. When I graduated, I began my career in Dental Assisting with goals of obtaining my national certification as a Certified Dental Assistant as well as my state licensure as a Registered Dental Assistant. I thought I would obtain my Bachelor's Degree early in my career, but as we all know, "life" happens and time passes by quickly. However, I have found that it is never too late to pursue ones goals!

I'm so fortunate to love what I do on a daily basis in "teaching Dental Assisting" to those I hope will find the same rewards that I have enjoyed for the past 42 years! I am thankful to have received encouragement and support especially during these past few years from my family, friends, coworkers, administrators, and not to forget, my students! If I could do it, they can do it! One of the best insights I have of my journey is meeting established educators, new educators, and students of all ages who were all pursuing their dreams!

ROP Dental Assisting Instructor, Debbie Reynon

When I became a student again, it helped me to see many perspectives of what my own students were experiencing in their personal lives of juggling home, school, work, and simply "just life!" It was nearly 35 years later when I decided to return to school and complete a long-term goal in earning my bachelors degree. Sacramento State University provided me an online degree program that was doable while attending Cabrillo College around my teaching schedule. I found I was able to apply what I was learning!

So if you are thinking about embarking on your educational journey of earning your degree, there is no time like the present. It's never too late. Just do it! It truly is worth the experience!

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