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Retirement System

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Benefits Specialists are available to assist you in retirement planning by providing estimates as well as in-depth information about CalSTRS benefits programs. This service is provided on a one-to-one basis by appointment in person, over the telephone or in a workshop setting.

CalSTRS Benefits Planning Services

Before you schedule an appointment, gather the following information to help your Benefits Specialist prepare for your session:

  • Your personal information including Name, Social Security Number, Birth Date, Address, and Phone Number

  • Your projected retirement date

  • Your unused sick days and the number of days in your contract

  • Your option choice and the birth date of your option beneficiary (if applicable)

TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS are scheduled with CalSTRS Benefits Specialists based in the Sacramento office about two weeks in advance. To schedule a telephone interview, call 800.228.5453 or 916.229.4347 and select number five from the main menu.

PERSONAL INTERVIEWS are scheduled at the SCCOE, generally three to six weeks in advance. Benefits planning sessions are scheduled to last one hour. If you have a disability or legal case, please inform the appointment coordinator so a longer appointment period can be scheduled.

Our local CalSTRS Benefits Specialist is Bruce Kint.

    Appointments by Phone: 831.466.5758 - Monday through Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m. You may leave a voice message after hours.

WORKSHOPS offered by CalSTRS are tailored to meet your financial and retirement planning needs. These workshops will help you understand all of the CalSTRS benefits available to you. Each workshop was designed around the needs of educators at different career stages. To see a description of each workshop, or to schedule a time to attend a workshop please visit

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