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CTEP Wows CAP Students with Real-Life Career Activities
“It was a great week! I heard a heartbeat, wrapped a wrist, learned how to fix a flat tire, made
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Santa Cruz County Education Office Throws Open Doors to New Alternative Education School in Freedom
Santa Cruz County’s first built-to-suit alternative education school will still smell of fresh paint when its doors open…
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Santa Cruz Teachers Dig Up Prehistoric Gomphotherium Fossil
Two Santa Cruz teachers have an exciting story to share with their students about what they did over summer vacation.
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What It Means To Be “World Ready”
To improve the knowledge and skill development of high school students in Career Technical Education (CTE) and Core Academic subjects,
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The Raising of America Film Series Grows Community Awareness and Builds Hope for Young Children
Our Experiences Go Deeper Than We Thought A child’s earliest experiences not only leave a lasting impression on them, but
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Santa Cruz County CTEP Program gets Funding from School Districts
Santa Cruz County’s Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP), which boasts 3,000 students enrolled nearly 130 courses that teach subjects such
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