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Leading Edge Certification

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"Technology does not teach students, effective teachers do."

As more and more educators prepare to transition their curriculum online, Santa Cruz County Office of Education is pleased to offer an eight-week certificate program aimed at providing the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to become an effective online instructor. As a member of the Leading Edge Alliance, Santa Cruz County Office of Education joins a coalition of non-profits, universities and educational agencies to deliver a national certification program designed around the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching.

LEC participants will integrate contemporary technology into teaching practices and learning activities using software, cloudware, and resources that serve curriculum objectives and educational goals. This class includes both theoretical and experiential components; participants will explore research and examples of effective practices in online instruction, but will also spend a substantial portion of course time developing educationally meaningful and personally relevant products to support their online course and their LEC portfolio.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this class, you will be able to:

  • Plan, design and incorporate strategies to encourage active learning, interaction, participation and collaboration in the online environment (iNACOL C)
  • Provide online leadership in a manner that promotes student success through regular feedback, prompt response and clear expectations (iNACOL D)
  • Model, guide and encourage legal, ethical, safe and healthy behavior related to technology use (iNACOL E)
  • Understand the online learning experience from the perspective of a student (iNACOL F)
  • Understand and be responsive to students with special needs in the online classroom (iNACOL G)
  • Demonstrates competencies in creating and implementing assessments in online learning environments (iNACOL H)
  • Develop and deliver assessments, projects, and assignments that meet standards-based learning goals and assesses learning progress by measuring student achievement of learning goals (iNACOL I)
  • Arrange media and content to help students transfer knowledge most effectively in the online environment (iNACOL M)

Expectations, Certification & Cost

LEC participants can expect to spend 6-8 hours of work per week for the eight weeks of the course including the development of a professional portfolio. The course is conducted completely online using the Haiku Learning Management System. Work includes:

  • Reading course materials and exploring examples
  • Completing projects and assignments
  • Sharing and reflecting with other class participants in discussion forums.

Certification is granted upon the successful completion of the program, including:

  • Completion of the 45-60 hour online course
  • Completion of a professional portfolio containing signature assignments from the LEC course, based upon the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching.

Participants have two months from the end date of the course to complete their professional portfolio for certification.

The cost of the LEC for the Professional Learning Leader (PLL) program is $599* and the LEC for the Administrator program is $749*. Participants who complete either of these programs will be recognized nationally as leaders in online learning.

For more information, contact Thom Dunks.

*Subsidized for educators in Santa Cruz County, after submitting your Pending Registration you will receive notification of how you qualify.

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