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The Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project
Clearing a Credential

Program Completion Requirements
Ryan and SB 2042 Credential Holders

In order to satisfy requirements for Induction completion and be eligible to file for a Professional Clear Credential, each Participating Teacher must complete the following each year for two years, in partnership with his/her Mentor:

On-going Collaboration with a Mentor:

  • Weekly contact between Mentor and Participating Teacher, averaging six hours per month, each year for two years
  • Mentoring sessions balanced between in-class time with students and outside-of-class time
  • Mentoring sessions documented on Collaborative Assessment Logs or other NTC FAS tools

Evidence of Application:

  • Focus on one BTSA Induction Standard per year:
    First Year Participating Teachers: Standard 5) Pedagogy
    Second Year Participating Teachers: Standard 6) Universal Access:
    Equity for All Students
  • Use NTC FAS Tools as evidence of:
    Assessing and Understanding Learning Context
    Setting and Reflecting on Professional Goals
    Examining Practice Through Inquiry
  • At mid-year and end-of-year, Participating Teachers will submit evidence related to application of the BTSA Induction Standards. Using identified criteria, SC/SVNTP Mentors and program leaders will review submitted evidence of practice, required documents, and reflections, and assess whether the candidate has met Clear Credential requirements. Candidates will have every opportunity to meet credential requirements with the support of their mentor.

Participating Teacher Professional Development:

  • Basic structure: Participate in SC/SVNTP Learning Communities and/or other professional development opportunities related to Individual Learning Plan
  • Indicated on the Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)–developed each year by Mentor and Participating Teacher
  • Participation documented on Professional Development Reflections Logs
  • Local program (SCNTP or SVNTP) determines number of events to attend
  • All participants (SCNTP and SVNTP) submit four logs for completion

UNIVERSITY CREDIT OPTION: Participating Teachers have the option of purchasing UCSC Extension units of academic credit for each year of program participation. The credits can contribute towards advancement on district salary schedules and will be based on hours spent outside of teaching time to complete requirements. Information will be available in the fall.

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