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Business Services Division

Key Services Areas:
County Office Program Services


Mary Hart, Deputy Superintendent, Business (CBO)
(831) 466-5602


George Lopez, Director, Maintenance, Operations and Facilities, (831) 466-5605

Support Staff:
Brian Sluggett, Specialist Maintenance/Operations
David Allen, Maintenance/Custodian
Loren Bushman, Maintenance/Custodian
Chris Chames, Maintenance/Custodian
Jimmy Griffin, Maintenance/Custodian
Neal Harris, Maintenance/Custodian
Dustin Jones, Maintenance/Custodian
Elias Tapia, Maintenance/Custodian

This service area coordinates the usage and maintenance of County Office facilities and school sites for Alternative Education and Special Education Programs.


Rebecca Olker, Manager, Internal Business Services (831) 466-5630

This service area records the accounting transactions for programs operated by the County Office of Education.


Melissa Lopez, Payroll Support Manager (831) 466-5616

Lucinda Pappani, Payroll Support Manager - Retirement (831) 466-5618

Support Staff:
Robin Beall, Account Specialist IV (831) 466-5614
Janice Berven, Account Specialist IV (831) 466-5613
Nikolette Cendreda, Account Specialist IV (831) 466-5610
Jaclyn Fruzza, Account Specialist IV (831) 466-5615
Guadalupe Rodriguez, Account Specialist IV (831) 466-5603
Rith Mean-Hill, Account Specialist IV (831) 466-5611

, Administrative Assistant, (831) 466-5606

This service area reviews, approves, and processes the payroll for County Office employees.


George Lopez, Director, Maintenance, Operations and Facilities (831) 466-5605

This service area supports the office operations in large copying, printing documents, flyers, booklets, etc.


Mary Hart, Deputy Superintendent, Business (CBO) (831) 466-5602

Support Staff:
Kirk Osborn, Account Specialist (831) 466-5624

This service area purchases supplies and equipment for County Office programs.


Tina Reger, Project Coordinator, SMAA Phone: (831) 466-5634 FAX: (831) 466-5635


Debbie Stanbra, Director, Technology-Business Information Systems (831) 466-5882

Support Staff:
Monica Beverly, Systems Support Liaison (831) 466-5881
Jody Belgard, Systems Support Liaison (831) 466-5885
Cathy Carr, Systems Support Liaison (831) 466-5884

This service area assists the business users in every school district in Santa Cruz County by operating and supporting a fully integrated, automated business software system which provides payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, budgeting and other financial services.

If you are a district of County Office employee and:

  • You are having a problem logging on to the HP mainframe (CLIFF)
  • You want detailed information on using the Monarch product
  • You want to view the Information Technology calendar
  • You need information on how to set up a new user
  • You would like guidance on using Digital Schools

You can access information at our Technology-Business Information Systems web site.


David Barnett, Director, Technology-Infrastructure (831) 466-5887

Support Staff:
Eric Sanders, Technology Infrastructure Analyst (831) 466-5896
Joey Stanbra, Network Support Specialist (831) 466-5897
Sergio Ybarra, Technology Support Technician (831) 466-5895

You can find out more information about the services we offer at our Technology-Infrastructure page.


George Lopez, Director, Maintenance, Operations and Facilities (831) 466-5605

This service area supports the entire office operations in the receiving, inventory, distribution, and disposal of goods.

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