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Scrabble Fun

By Jack Dilles, Trustee, Santa Cruz County Board of Education

Jack and the Youth Winners

In March, Scrabble enthusiasts gathered for the seventh annual local Scrabble Tournament at the Santa Cruz County Law Library. This year's fundraiser benefited both the County Office of Education's "Teen Peer Court Program" and the Santa Cruz County Law Library. On tournament day, we had a mix of 24 student and adult participants in an informal and friendly environment. The tournament was very successful and everyone had a wonderful time. Prizes were given out to top finishers in each division. Special prizes were also distributed whenever someone played a "law" word. Our big winners this year were:

1st Place Youth Winner - Wade Dennis Youth Division:
  • 1st Place: Wade Dennis, Alternative Family Education
  • 2nd Place: Jarin Moonrising, Pacific Collegiate School
  • 3rd Place: Jaden Schill, Shoreline Middle School
  • 4th Place: Mabel Moonrising, Scotts Valley Middle School
Recreational Division:
  • 1st Place: Robin Dinino
  • 2nd Place: Wade Dennis
  • 3rd Place: Diane Mason
  • 4th Place: Sylvia Cruit
Adult Division:
  • 1st Place: Heather Miller
  • 2nd Place: Kathleen Lepori
  • 3rd Place: Austin Comstock (with Julia Hill)
  • 4th Place: Dean Sutton

Each year we invite students from area schools to participate free of charge as a way to encourage interest in the community and legal system. We strive to create a fun environment where students can learn new words and positively interact with local judges and prominent local attorneys.

Many fascinating words were played across the Scrabble boards. Wordsmith Wade Dennis, who attends the Alternative Family Education program at Santa Cruz City Schools, played extremely well. He went undefeated and not only took first place in the Youth Division, but also placed second in the all-ages Recreational Division.

scrabble tournament

On behalf of the Santa Cruz County Board of Education and the Santa Cruz Law Library Board of Trustees, we are grateful to the legal community that generously supported the Scrabble Tournament. Big thanks go to attorneys Tom Dwyer, David Beck, Pamela Matheison, James Duffy and Mitchell Jackman who raised funds for the tourney, to Arlene and (Law Library Trustee) John Mancini who arranged for refreshments, and to all around helper Judge John Gallagher. Judge Stephen Siegel and attorney Lars Schallberg did an outstanding job serving as word judges. And, of course, Law Librarian Renee Fleming and Law Library Assistant Grace Cruitt-Kitts organized this very successful event.

As a result of these generous monetary and volunteer donations, approximately $4,000 was raised for the Teen Peer Court and Law Library.

scrabble tournament

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