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Students Engage in Community Service While Learning Local History

Ponderosa High School students perform community service at Evergreen Cemetary

On community service Fridays, for the past several weeks, Ponderosa High School students have volunteered at the Evergreen Cemetery in Harvey West Park. Ponderosa High School students have performed trail and walkway maintenance, non-native plant eradication, tree trimming and brush removal, and general clean up in the historic cemetery, which is one of the oldest cemeteries in the nation.

In addition to volunteer service, Ponderosa High School students have learned about Santa Cruz history and the various people who arrived in Santa Cruz before California joined the union of states. Thanks to Sibley Simon, who works with the Museum of Art & History to oversee Evergreen Cemetery's rehabilitation, and who worked alongside Ponderosa students, students have learned about such local figures as Louden Nelson and Issac Graham and the contributions they made to local history. Ponderosa High School regularly participates in community service activities in the county designed to teach students about local resources and issues as well as teach them the soft skills needed to be successful at work.

The Museum of Art & History plans to have an “opening day” on Saturday, April 21 to celebrate the progress that is happening at Evergreen Cemetery. Come see what our students and other volunteers have accomplished!

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Find out more information about Ponderosa High School and the Green Careers Center, or contact Carol Polhamus at (831) 336-9338.

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