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Alternative Education Schools

Oasis High School

The Oasis High School on the Cabrillo College campus is designed to meet the needs of students who benefit from a personalized learning program. Students work with their parent or guardian, teacher, and counselor to design an educational plan. These plans typically include:

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with an Oasis teacher.
  • Cabrillo College courses.
  • On-line courses.
  • Tutoring.
  • R.O.P. courses.
  • Service, academic, or vocational internships.

Oasis students can, if they choose, fulfill the requirements for admission to a CSU or UC through a combination of Oasis and Cabrillo coursework. Within the welcoming and encouraging environment of Oasis, students refine their academic goals and develop the skills to achieve them.

Oasis High School Profile


Oasis High School web site

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