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Santa Cruz County Office of Education

About the SCCOE

The Role of the County Offices of Education

More than 150 years ago, the citizens of California, through the State Constitution and State Legislature created a three-level system of public education. While regulations, funding, and fundamental policies are established at the State level, the day-to-day delivery of instruction is the responsibility of over 1,000 local districts in California. At the intermediate level of the public education system, the 58 county offices provide a support infrastructure for local schools and districts. They also must fulfill State mandates to audit school district budgets, register teacher credentials, complete employee background checks, certify school attendance records, and develop countywide programs to service special student populations.

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education is a public agency whose purpose is to provide educational leadership, resources and services to schools to ensure quality educational opportunities for all students. This mission is accomplished through partnerships with teachers, school districts, businesses and other governmental agencies. Direct instructional programs are offered through special education, alternative education and Regional Occupational Programs. District services are provided in the areas of staff development and fiscal services. Included in the responsibilities of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education is coordination with the California Department of Education.

Santa Cruz County Office of Education  |  400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060  |  831.466.5600  |  Fax: 831.466.5607
The Santa Cruz County Office of Education provides quality educational programs and services to a diverse community.